Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weird microbeads in toothpaste may be ruining your teeth and gums

Ugh, this hygienist kept finding terrible weird stuff in people's mouths and teeth:

Trish Walraven has seen lots of things as a dental hygienist, but until a few years ago, she had never seen anything like this.
“We thought it was a cleaning product or something that people were chewing,” Walraven said.
toothpasteThey were little blue dots trapped in the tiny spaces between people’s teeth and gums.
“Some weeks I’ll see five or six patients,” Walraven told KNXV.
Walvaren started asking around and other hygienists were seeing the blue dots, too.
It took awhile, but they finally figured out what it was — polyethylene.
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Okay, so it's time to resurrect a very old post,  about my easy, extremely cheap "toothpaste" regimen that also WHITENS, i.e., baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Still no cavities and my teeth look nice and white even with my coffee and red wine habit... click here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Barbara's Cereals are now non-GMO; Annie's "Naturals" pro-GMO

I do love Barbara's jalapeno cheese doodles things but don't buy them because they may have GMOs.
However, I was happy to hear that the company is trying to switch to all non-GMO. They have started with their cereals. Check it out here;

On the other hand, Annie's "Naturals," which is so cutesy with the bunnies, is selling out to General Mills, which, according to RealFarmacy

General Mills was one of the most generous donators toward the campaign to prevent GMO labeling initiative prop 37 in California. They put $1,135,300 (as of 2012) into anti-GMO-labeling propaganda in Califonia alone.”

Read more here. Vote with your consumer dollars!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Eat Weeds!

Weeds are survivors, which makes them extra tasty. This weekend I made huevos con verdolagas, a delicious Mexican omelet that uses purslane, which I bet you have in your garden. Do you know purslane has a ton of omega-3s and vitamin A? My eggs turned out great, green, with the juicy and slight citrus flavor of purslane.

Read more about the surprising health benefits of purslane here:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Isabelle Allende on how to live passionately no matter your age

Yesterday was 9-11. Also on 9-11, a U.S. -backed coup toppled Chile's DEMOCRATICALLY elected government. Henry Kissinger was one of the people behind it. President Salvador Allende was her father's first cousin. You can read more about US involvement in the coup here.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is your Puffer Coat or Comforter CRUEL?

Your down coat or bedding may be the result LIVE PLUCKING of geese.

I did an investigative report for Salon. Check it out here 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Flame Retardants in all your furniture, the scandal:

After my son was born more than a decade ago, we got a new couch and carpeted the sun-room to make things more baby-friendly. For some reason I became freaked out about flame retardants + the petrochemical crap in carpets. I am grateful that my husband and his dad spent a whole afternoon laboriously removing the carpet and sofa and NOT A WORD or a grumble. Now, there's hard evidence, and the scandal is worse than you can believe:
RESEARCHERS this summer purchased 42 children’s chairs, sofas and other furniture from major retailers and tested them for toxic flame retardants that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, diminished I.Q.’s and other problems.
In a study released a few days ago, the Center for Environmental Health reported the results: the toxins were found in all but four of the products tested.
“Most parents would never suspect that their children could be exposed to toxic flame-retardant chemicals when they sit on a Mickey Mouse couch, but our report shows that children’s foam furniture can carry hidden health hazards,” a co-author of the study, Carolyn Cox, said in releasing the report.
These flame retardants represent a dizzying corporate scandal. It’s a story of corporate greed, deceit and skulduggery, powerfully told in a new HBO documentary, “Toxic Hot Seat,” that is scheduled to air on Monday evening.
This is a televised window into political intrigue and duplicity that makes “House of Cards” or “Breaking Bad” seem like a Sunday school picnic.

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Friday, December 06, 2013